Monkey Magic (VCD)
  • Monkey Magic (VCD)

Monkey Magic (VCD)

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Title: Monkey Magic
Director: Kensaku Sawada
Starring: Shingo Katori Teruyoshi ucimura atsushi Ito Eri Fukatsu
Year: 2007


Itinerant preist, Sanzo Hoshi, leads "her" loyal band of disciples ── Son Goku "Monkey", Sandy and Pigsy ── out of a blistering desert and into a desperate and forlorn town where they are implored upon by the local princess, Reimi, to expel two powerful goblin warlords by the names of King Gold Horn and Silver Horn. The goblin brothers have wrested control of her palace, plundered its riches, transformed the reigning King and Queen into terrapin turtles and turned a once peaceful and idyllic kingdom into dust and decay. Promising to help, Sanzo and company set off with the princess for the mountains where the brothers are said to reside, only to find themselves scaling treacherous terrain and succumbing to numerous traps along the way. When at long last the entourage reacehs the peak, a startling revelation about the princess threatens to compromise the mission and destroy the bond of trust between Monkey and Sanzo. As the warlords inch closer to their goal of plunging the world in darkness, the legendary foursome will need to reunite and combine their strengths if they ever hope to make good on their promise.

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