Tales of Nights 2 (Vol. 2) (VCD)
  • Tales of Nights 2 (Vol. 2) (VCD)

Tales of Nights 2 (Vol. 2) (VCD)

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Tales of Nights 2 (Vol. 2)

Sad Mannequin
When a struggling designer buys an odd-looking mannequin off the street, he finds it has the power to come to life and have passionate sex with him - much to the consternation of his fiancée.

A Witch's Journey
Dong-ha, a young photographer, is unable to get over his ex-girlfriend Young-in, who disappeared a year ago. In fact, she has become an apprentice witch who visits Dong-ha nightly to have sex. Ki-hae, a beautiful young model, has fallen for Dong-ha, and Young-in must resolve whether she can give up her ex and follow her dream.

Language: Korean
Subtitle: T Chinese
Running Time: 99 Mins
No. of disc: 2
Genre: Adult

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