McDull.Rise of the Rice Cooker (DVD)
  • McDull.Rise of the Rice Cooker (DVD)

McDull.Rise of the Rice Cooker (DVD)

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McDull.Rise of the Rice Cooker

Brian Tse  
Sandra Ng  
Anthony Wong   
Timothy Cheng  
the pancakes   
King Kong  
Zhang Zheng Zhong  
When one can't count on superheroes to save our planet from outerspace monsters, who do we turn to? That's right! A pig head and a rice pot! Mcdull has certainly no supernatural powers. He is just an ordinary boy growing up in a fishing village and dreaming of growing up to become an inventor. One day, an outerspace monster invades the Earth and makes mincemeat of the superhero sent to meet him. So world leaders call on all citizens to design a super robot, to defeat the outerspace monster and save the Earth. Mcdull, who is scant of resources but plenty resourceful, starts fiddling with his mom's household appliances. From a humble rice cooker, he designs a low-tech high-power robot: Risopot, and makes it to the final of the World Robot Design Competition. The whole fishing village is jubilant. To produce Risopot, everybody chips in. Risopot looks dumb and his functions are a joke. But with extraordinary tenacity and lots of dumb luck, he emerges the winner. The outerspace monster will be upon the Earth again any time soon. The world leaders are having summit meetings and seem to be up to something. The pig head and rice pot combo, still a laughing stock, can they really save our planet? And the outerspace monster, why does he time and again invade the Earth?

Language: Cantonese/ Mandarin
Subtitle: T Chinese/ S Chinese/ English
Running Time: 85 Mins
No. of disc:
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1
Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD Type: DVD-5
Regional Code: 3
Genre: Animation

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