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Human Nature (DVD)
  • Human Nature (DVD)

Human Nature (DVD)

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From the creators of Being John Malkovich comes a comedy that examines our most basic instincts.
When Lila Jute (Patricia Arquette), a nature writer with excessive body hair, meets Nathan Bronfman (Tim Robbins), an obsessive/compulsive scientist attempting to teach mice table manners, the two begin an unlikely romance. On a hiking trip, the new couple encounters a feral young man (Rhys Ifans) living in the woods and decides to bring him back to the city. Named Puff by Nathan's sexy French assistant, Gabrielle, the untamed lad slowly learns about language, culture, and civilization under Nathan's skewed guidance. Meanwhile, Nathan begins to fall for Gabrielle, and the libidos of all parties involved begin to rage, leading to drastic measures.

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