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Plain Jane To The Rescue (DVD)

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Plain Jane To The Rescue

Director : John Woo

Cast : Josephine Siao, Ricky Hui, Chan Sing, Bowie Woo, Roman Tam, David Wu, Charlie Cho, Yee Ching Gan, Michael Lee


Jenny (Siao Fong Fong), with the plain looks but a heart of hold, is always in between jobs. Once she gets a job, her knack of creating awkward situations immediately loses it for her. Fang (Ricky Hui) is her suitor. But he gets nowhere as the girl has no time for love. So Fang goes along with her in job hunting. Somehow, Jenny lands on a job as governess. Not to a child, but to an uncouth very old, very rich man (Michael Lee) who still wants to lead the life of his poor, uncivilized youth. His son is now running the old man's millions. He wants to bring up the father the civilized way. And he wants to take over the whole city through take-over deals. He is ruthless and as thrown thousands into the streets……


Language : Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle : T Chinese / S Chinese / English

Running Time : 91 min

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby Digital 2.0

Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen

DVD Type : D5

Regional Code : 3

Genre : Comedy


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