Nobody Is Perfect (VCD)
  • Nobody Is Perfect (VCD)

Nobody Is Perfect (VCD)

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Nobody is Perfect 
Raphael Sibilla 
A documentary exploring the multiple facets of sexuality, the film took over five years of preparation and two years' filming. From the United States to Japan, via France, Belgium, Holland, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Mali and Costa Rica, Raphael Sibilla delves into the world of the staging and fulfilment of fantasies, from the most straightforward – swinging soirees and SM bars – to the most extreme , fetishism, body modification, scarification, trannsexualism and hardcore masochism. No Body Is Perfect offers an intimate, unflinching and highly explicit odyssey into the furthest extremes of underground 21st century sexuality. Although the notion of sexual pleasure is always present, the filmmaker gradually enlarges upon his subject and moves away from the simple, raw representation of sexual practices. He raises more general issues, without ever being judgemental, abou this interviewees’ relationship to their bodies, seeking to understand the secret motivations and aspirations of men and women who are sometimes ready to go as far as mutilation to experience more intense pleasure.

Language: English 
Subtitle: Chinese 
Running Time: 79 Mins 
No. of disc:
Genre: Documentary

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