A Bite of China (Eps. 3-4) (VCD)
  • A Bite of China (Eps. 3-4) (VCD)

A Bite of China (Eps. 3-4) (VCD)

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A Bite of China (Eps. 3-4)

The Most Popular Chinese Documentary with Top Viewership!

"CCTV Finds the Way to Viewers' Hearts is Through Gorgeous Food Documentary”─ The Wall Street Journal Blog

"A very open and inclusive temperament" ─ Qiaobao, USA

〈A Bite of China〉 explores how Chinese food influences people's lives in ritual, moral, and interest. The 7-episode high definition documentary series covers 60 locations throughout China, featuring not only a diversity of special Chinese food and a series of elements that form the food with unique Chinese cultural temperament, but also learn the delicacy and the long standing and well-established Chinese Diet Culture.

Episode 3 《Inspiration of Transformation》
With their understanding of food, the Chinese are always looking for an inspiration for change. With imaginative methods, simple food ingredients like soy bean, rice, milk are transformed to dishes with unimaginable amazing tastes - hairy tofu, wine, milk curd, soy sauce.

Episode 4 《The Taste of Time》
Time is a friend of food, and also its enemy. Traditional Chinese preservative techniques may create different, and even tenderer flavours through salting, air-drying, stewing or smoking procedures. From Hong Kong's famous cured meat & shrimp paste, Miao ethnic groups' souse fish to Shanghai's drunken crab and Taiwan's mullet roe,  time plays the key role in shaping the peerless tastes.

Language: Cantonese/ Mandarin
Subtitle: T Chinese
Running Time: 100 Mins 
No. of disc: 2
Genre: Documentary


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