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Diva (DVD)
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Diva (DVD)

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Title: Diva
Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix
Starring: Frederic Andrei
Genre: DRAMA
Year: 1981


The next day,Jules runs into a prostitute chased by armed thugs. Just before murdered,she slips a cassette revealing a scandalous illicit business os a Police Chief into his mail bag.From this point on,these two priceless recordings turn Jules's life upside down,as he is simultaneously hunted by the police,killers and sime Taiwanese gangsters.Jules enciuters two new friends,the mysterious bohemian Serge Gorodish and his young muse Alba.Giridusg sucessfully evades Jules from the harm of his various enemies .Jules starts to develop a close relationship with Cynthia and even has a privilege to be present in her singing practice.However,a hidden conspiracy comes up Cynthia'scareer...

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