Lazy Hazy Crazy (DVD)
  • Lazy Hazy Crazy (DVD)

Lazy Hazy Crazy (DVD)

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Lazy Hazy Crazy

This movie is about the friendship among three teenage girls, outstanding student Jing, black sheep Chloe and sentimental Ai-ai. Compare to the straight forward friendship among guys, girl relationship is more sensitive, intimate yet fragile.
After a bullying incident, the three become best friends. They hang out together, eat together, and even go to the bathroom together. After school, however, they go to the nightclub to earn extra money by participating in compensated dating.
Their friendship lasts until the day Jing sees Ai-ai making out with Kei. Soon, the school resounds with rumors that Ai-ai is involved in compensated dating. The gossip ruins the trio’s friendship.
When the trio reunites, they realize how much they have changed. The three girls celebrate the 18 year old birthday with laughter and sweat, that’s what every youth needs for fighting against cruel future.

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