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The Trading Floor (Epi. 1-5) (End) (2 DVD)
  • The Trading Floor (Epi. 1-5) (End) (2 DVD)

The Trading Floor (Epi. 1-5) (End) (2 DVD)

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The Trading Floor (Epi. 1-5) (End)

FOX Original Productions

Andy Lau Tak Wah  
Wong Kwok Keung  TV Drama〈The Election〉〈When Heaven Burns〉
Francis Ng Chun Yu 〈Men on the Dragon〉〈The Leakers〉〈Line Walker〉
Joseph Chang Hsiao Chuan  〈Love Contractually〉〈Sky On Fire〉〈Wild City〉
Yu Nan 〈Taste of Crime〉〈Wolf Warriors 〉series
Dick Liu Kai Chi 〈Weeds on Fire〉〈Ten Years〉
〈Imprisoned: Survival Guide For Rich and Prodigal〉
Carlos Chan Ka Lok 〈Happiness〉〈To The Fore〉〈House of The Rising Sons〉
Poon Chan Leung 〈Men on the Dragon〉〈Weeds on Fire〉〈The Moment〉
Jacky Choi Kit 〈Paradox〉〈Nessun Dorma〉〈Two Wrongs Make a Right〉
Jiang Qi Lin  TV Drama〈Midnight Diner〉
Kwai Lun Mei 〈Christmas Rose〉〈The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate〉
〈Black Coal, Thin Ice〉
Patrick Tam Yiu Man 〈L Storm〉〈Love in Late Autumn〉〈Port of Call 〉
Maggie Cheung Ho Yee 〈Taste of Crime〉〈The Moment〉〈The Fortune Buddies〉

The world of finance is ever-changing. In this grand era where morals are sold completely short and greed is the market leader, everyone craves control of the rules of the game.
Under Secretary of the Minister of Economic Development Anthony Yip (played by Francis Chun-yu NG) works with the “Three Financial Giants”: Eastman Properties Ronald Man (played by Albert Mo-hao CHEUNG), Evergate Construction Materials K Fok (played by Mark Lui CHEUNG) and Marco Media Y Cheung (played by Kar-ying LAW) to manipulate the financial market for profit. In order to generate an even greater gain, Yip brings back financial genius Hong Wai (played by Hsiao-chuan CHANG) from Myanmar, where he had been hiding from international authorities, in order to set the stage for a new financial crisis.
At the heart of the tornado that is wealth, fame, and hatred, there is more than just two men fighting -- the entire Asian financial market is at stake.
Cantonese/ Mandarin
Subtitle: T Chinese/ S Chinese/ English
Running Time: 250 Mins + 22 Mins (bonus)
No. of disc: 2
Audio Format: Dolby Digital EX
Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD Type: DVD-9
Regional Code: 3
Genre: Drama

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