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Evil Instinct (DVD)

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The Champions

Chu Wai Kwong
Carrie Ng
Diana Pang
Bowie Lam
Evergreen Mak

Penny (Carrie Ng) and Wendy (Diana Pang) are co-workers and best friends until Wendy is promoted. Penny feels that she is getting old and can't compete with Wendy, so she leaves Hong Kong, intakes snake blood to cleanse herself, and then returns to Hong Kong for revenge. When Penny's plan is about to succeed, her blood begins to change and turns into poison. Penny can only kill others and take the victim's bone marrow to dissolve the poison. As the murders increase, inspector Sam (Bowie Lam) upon investigation finds Penny and Wendy the most suspicious...

Language: Cantonese/ Putonghua
Subtitle: T Chinese/ S Chinese/ English
Running Time: 96 Mins
No. of disc: 1
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD Type: DVD-5
Regional Code: 3
Genre: Drama

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