Young Lady Chatterley II (DVD)

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Young Lady Chatterley II

Director : 
Alan Roberts

Cast : Sybil Danning, Harlee McBride, Adam West

In 1984 lovery Cynthia carries on the romantic heritage of Chatterley Estate. Her desire is to discover her perfect lover. She invites American anthropologist Arthur as her house guest, but he is more interested in Lady Godiva's previous naked ride through the estate. Judith arrives at the estate to stop Cynthia's lustful ways. But soon Judith discovers her own passion with the estate gardener Philip. When the estate is threatened with bankruptcy, they jointly create a sensual and successful obstruction to the foreclosure...


Language : English

Subtitle : T Chinese / English

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby Digital

Screen Format : 4:3

Regional Code : All

Genre : Drama


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