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The Shootout (DVD)

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The Shootout

Director : Michael Mak

Cast : Aaron Kwok, Fennie Yuen, Kingdom Yuen, Sean Lau, Elvis Tsui


An armored car with US$2 million worth of banknotes on board is hijacked by a gang. It is one of the best orchestrated heists in memory. Bombs and guns are used to stop the car and disarm the guards. A jeep is used to take the loot while two motor-cycles provide mobility and decoy. But even the best laid out plans may go wrong. One of the cyclists runs into a logjam and is arrested by a policeman (Aaron Kwok). The gang leader comes to police headquarter and shoots his own man in cold blood……


Language : Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle : T Chinese / S Chinese / English

Running Time : 99 min

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby Digital 2.0

Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen

DVD Type : D5

Regional Code : 3

Genre : Drama


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