Bunny Drops (DVD)
  • Bunny Drops (DVD)

Bunny Drops (DVD)

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27-year old Daikichi, a bachelor with no girlfriend, returns to his family home after a long time following the passing away of his grandfather. There he meets with an intriguing 6-year old girl, Rin, who turns out to be his late grandfather’s illegitimate daughter. 

Out of objection to relatives’ suggestions to place Rin in care, Daikichi unwittingly announces he will take care of the girl himself, and a little disjointed cohabitation begins between a clumsy man and a level-headed girl. Daikichi tries his best to bring up Rin, even though he has no experience of raising a child, and Rin gradually opens up to him. This is a story about the two that will warm everyone’s heart.

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