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Go! Find A Psychic (DVD)
  • Go! Find A Psychic (DVD)

Go! Find A Psychic (DVD)

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Title: Go! Find A Psychic
Director: Motohiro Katsuyuki
Starring: Nagasawa Masami, Miyake Hiroki
Genre: DRAMA
Category: IIA
Year: 2009


An up-tempo situation comedy, based on the play, ‘Yuri Geller in Winter', tells a tale about an assistant director on a TV program dealing with paranormal phenomena engages in riotous slapstick with true paranormals who conceal their abilities. Yone (Nagasawa Masami), a clueless young assistant director who believes in ESP, sets out to find true psychics to appear on the “Emerging Psychics” TV program she works for. She travels around the country, valiantly following leads provided by viewers, but she is disheartened when they all turn out to be frauds. Meanwhile, psychics are gathering at the dubious “Cafe Telekinesis” for their annual Christmas Party, where they display their special powers just once a year. Can Yone finally witness the mysterious power she truly believes?

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