Tales of Nights Boxset 1 (DVD)
  • Tales of Nights Boxset 1 (DVD)

Tales of Nights Boxset 1 (DVD)

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"Tales of Nights: A Cyborg for You"
Kim is having a midlife crisis with no satisfaction in work and no respect from his wife, Young-hee. He finds a human cloning service online accidentally, claiming to take care of one's unwanted business, Kim thinks it would be fun. He meets with the representative from the cloning company but thinks it is just a scam; at night, he walks into the house hearing the moaning of his wife and finds out she is in bed with his clone, enjoying his service. She confesses she loves him, which strikes Kim that he has never made Young-hee this happy for a long time. Kim makes up his mind and focus on his career, yet the next day, he finds that his clone is doing his job and has received compliments from his boss. He knows he cannot be compared to his clone, so he decides to say a final goodbye to Young-hee. When he hugs her in his arms, she loses consciousness......

"A Woman in the Wall"
Yoon Tae-sung is an up-and-coming architect who works very hard to design his dream house; but he cannot afford to move in afterwards.
One night, while drafting in his tiny apartment, he hears the sound of beating and a woman’s moaning. From that night onwards, he hears the same noises at the same hour, which distracts him from working. He bumps into one of the occupants of his floor the next day. Seeing the bruises on her wrist, he confirms that it was her who has been making the noises at night. During the day, he stalks her and sees how her husband yell at her at work, while at night, he listens to the noises closely. He sympathizes with her and confesses to her about his love eventually, urging her to leave her husband by calling the police.
The police comes and takes him away instead. Everything turns out to be his mere imagination, it is only a boxer watching porn while practicing next door. Yet, he can now only fall in love with the imaginary woman in the wall.

"Lingerie Monologue"
Lingerie designer meets with an awkward customer and falls in love with her instantly, sending new lingerie to her place secretly. The girl has a lonely soul, believing the whole world has left her behind. She is overwhelmed whenever she receives the secret present, and tries on every piece, imagining passionate sex with the giver. The designer, on the other hand, only dares to peep and watch her masturbate outside, with the slightest hope to be with her one day.
The fabulous design of the lingerie builds up the girl's confidence. He always stalks on her, as if appreciating his own masterpiece. An amateur photographer praises the beauty of the girl and requests to shoot at her place; the designer is upset thinking he might be her boyfriend. Yet, he soon sees that something is going wrong, he barges in her place and drives the photographer away when he tries to rape her, yet revealing his hidden identity......

Language: Korean 
Subtitle: T Chinese/ S Chinese/ English 
Running Time: 124 Mins 
No. of disc:
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 
Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 
DVD Type:  
Regional Code: ALL 
Cat No.: PANAD1310040 

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