Sleeping In One Bed Each Having His Own Dreams 《Part 2》(DVD)
  • Sleeping In One Bed Each Having His Own Dreams 《Part 2》(DVD)

Sleeping In One Bed Each Having His Own Dreams 《Part 2》(DVD)

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Sleeping In One Bed Each Having His Own Dreams (Part 2) 
The Deep Painting
The fourth episode is the actual film of "The Deep Painting" directed by Tingen. Mishang is a nude painter, his model naturally becomes his woman, but no one lasts. Yongxi is a girl with a raft who transports people to and from Mishang's house to the other side of the river; the more they meet, the more interested Mishang is towards the simple Yongxi. Their feelings towards each other keep building, one day, Yongxi asks Mishang to draw her a nude painting. 
Yongxi becomes the new model, and the new girl, but Mishang's ex is back from town, and Yongxi is forced to go back to her river crossing job on the raft. Mishang decides to swap with Yongxi to keep their love alive; Mishang rows the raft and Yongxi paints. 
A Naked Body
The film crew is having an evaluation meeting with the executive producer while he disagrees of deleting the sex scenes of Yongxi, and orders Tingen to re-shoot those scenes. Tingen refuses, but cannot ignore the will of the investors, so she has no choice but to persuade Yongxi to it. Yongxi is upset about her agent bringing her to unnecessary dinners and signing the contract agreeing on the explicit performance in sex scenes, she would not give in. 
The sound engineer finally dates with Mishang after the end of shooting, and the desire beneath them cannot be suppressed anymore. On the other hand, Tingen turns out to be the new girlfriend of the writer Kengzhu, he screens the rough cut of the film "The Deep Painting" and spots the face of Zhihui. 
Sleeping in One Bed Each Having His Own Dreams
Yongxi confronts with Tingen and the quarrel never stops. At the same time, Zhihui shows up at Kengzhu's place, discovers the identity of Tingen and slaps her. The three girls lose control and everything becomes a mess. After they calm themselves down, they smile at each other. 
At last, Photographer Pu gives Tingen a new dog.
Language: Korean 
Subtitle: Chinese 
Running Time: 195 Mins 
No. of disc:
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 
Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Regional Code: ALL 
Genre: Erotic


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