Decadencia (Blu-ray)
  • Decadencia (Blu-ray)

Decadencia (Blu-ray)

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One day after almost running over Anabel with his car, Oskar follows her to her job where a spark of mutual attraction is inevitable and a torrid romance follows.
Not too long after their first date, Anabel falls in love with Oskar and begins to fall into his some of his sex games. But although Anabel tries to stay open and plays along for a while, nothing is enough for Oskar. He always wants more and soon his decadent sex games and self-destructive conduct lead him to commit an action that destroys the love and respect that Anabel has for him.
After a tragic night far from home, Anabel returns to the city hurt, sad and hopeless, but her doctor gives her terrible news sinking her into a deeper depression that leads to a horrible tragedy.

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