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Erotic Ghost Story (Blu-ray)

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Erotic Ghost Story

Lam Nai Choi〈The Peacock King〉〈Saga of the Phoenix〉〈Story of Ricky〉
Amy Yip Ji Mei
Man Siu
Kudo Hitomi
Tan Lap Man

Once upon a time, there are three sisters who happen to be vixens. So So, Fi Fi and Fa Fa have been doing every thing good according to the book and they have assumed the shapes of beautiful girls. The book tells them if they keep on doing the right thing, they will become deities, thus immortal. But it is not to the case. One by one, the girls fall in love with a handsome, young scholar. Against the book’s warnings, they make frenetic love with the scholar. Little do they know that the scholar is the notorious devil of lust Wutung. Sex keeps Wutung young at the expense of his bed partners, though. Thus one day, Fi Fi discovers fox hair has come back to her body. Panicked, the three go out to the scholar only to find him in his fiercest mould and mood, bent on killing and raping. The girls are being pursued by Wutung. Luckily, a demigod comes to tame Wutung. The vixens are told to behave. They still have a claim to immortality.

Subtitle:T Chinese/ S Chinese/ English
Running Time:90 Mins
No. of disc:1
Audio Format:PCM 2.0
Screen Format:Full HD 1080 Wide Screen

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