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Yum Investigation (Blu-Ray)

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Yum Investigation

Director : Leung Kwok-Fai

Cast :  Leung Yip@ERROR, Dee Ho Kai Wa@ERROR, Denis Kwok Ka Chun@ERROR, Poki Ng Po Ki@ERROR, Catherine Chau Ka Yee, Mandy Tam Man Huen, Suey Kwok Sze, Eric Kot Man Fai, Tai Bo, Law Wing Cheong


YUM Investigation is a detective agency that specializes in the supernatural. With their new member Kojiro, the agency investigates a developer who dispatches evil spirits to scare away the residents of an old building. When they discover that the spirits were created by a sinister “spirit refiner”, the investigators must use every trick up their sleeves to crack the case.


Language : Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle : T Chinese / S Chinese / English

Running Time : 110 min

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby True-HD 5.1 

Screen Format : Full HD 1080 Wide Screen

Genre : Horror


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