The Real Iron Monkey (Blu-ray)

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The Real Iron Monkey

Ken Yip Wing Kin
Tony Tang Tung Ming
Pierre Ngo Ka Nin
Mandy Ho Pui Man
Chen Kuan Tai
Mo Mei Lin
Jazz Lam Tsz Sin
Chow Keung
Ku Feng
German Cheung Man Kit

Hung Pang and Kwok Tin are both up for competing to become the head of Athletic Association in Shanghai. The "Iron Monkey", a righteous thief, turns down the invitation to safeguard Kwok and his son Chun Nam delivering the roster, but Kwok gets attacked by someone fighting the monkey style. Who will win the title of chairman after a big fight?

Language: Cantonese/ Putonghua
Subtitle: T Chinese/ S Chinese/ English
Running Time: 85 Mins
No. of disc: 1
Audio Format: Dolby TrueHD 5.1 with Advanced 96k Upsampling
Screen Format: Full HD 1080 Wide Screen
Genre: Martial Arts

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