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The Magic Crane (Blu-ray)

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The Magic Crane

Producer : Tsui Hark

Director : 
Benny Chan

Cast : Anita Mui, Rosamund Kwan, Tony Leung, Damian Lau


All representatives of all the martial institutions pass through the Yang gate, once can see flags of all sorts signifying their presence.  All are anticipating the important meeting that was called by the Court to deal with the Tien Lung Tribe situation. Pak Wan Fai (Anita Mui) riding on top a giant crane and the only members of the Tein Chong school – the teacher and disciple pair of Yat Yeung Tze (Lau Chung Yan) and Ma Kwun Mo (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) begin to investigate the mysterious poisoning of the heads of the various tribes…


Language : Cantonese

Subtitle : T Chinese / English

Running Time : 93min

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby TrueHD 5.1
                    Dolby Digital 2.0

Screen Format : Full HD 1080 Wide Screen

Genre : Martial Arts


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