End Of Love (DVD)
  • End Of Love (DVD)

End Of Love (DVD)

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Title: End Of Love
Director: Simon Chung
Starring: Lee Chi Kin,Cuthrie Yip,Ben Yeung,Joman Chiang
Category: III
Year: 2008


The lives of two young men cross in a Christian rehab camp where they are supposed to be healed from their addictions. This is a story about friendship but also about the intense and often brutal reality of life when it comes to drug abuse. Ming is an attractive young gay man with a passion for drugs and partying. After an overdose his secret identity as a male prostitute is revealed to his boyfriend who is furious about it and breaks up. Ming is transferred to a Christian rehab camp. Here he comes clean with his addiction and his sense of guilt. When released he is determined to live a “good” life but it is only a matter of time before the past catches up with him...

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