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My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (DVD)
  • My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (DVD)

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (DVD)

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My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
Takahiro Miki 〈Girl in the Sunny Place〉〈Blue Spring Ride〉
Sôta Fukushi
〈Strobe Edge〉〈Library Wars〉series
Nana Komatsu  〈The World of Kanako〉〈Silence〉

Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi), a sophomore art school student in Kyoto falls in love with Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu), a girl he met on the train to school. He musters up his courage and talks to her. Though she bursts into tears the first time, they get to know each other and start talking every day.
Though Takatoshi is thrilled with his potential true love, he also starts finding certain actions of Emi peculiar, such as her premonitions. One day, he stumbles upon a note written by her. On the note is a date in the future and their foreseen actions. Just as he starts raising questions, he gets a phone call from Emi: “I have to tell you something”…
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: T Chinese/ English
Running Time: 111 Mins
No. of disc: 1
Audio Format: Dolby Digital EX
Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD Type: DVD-9
Regional Code: 3
Genre: Romance

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