Snowfall in Taipei (VCD)
  • Snowfall in Taipei (VCD)

Snowfall in Taipei (VCD)

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Snow Fall in Taipei 
Huo Jianqi   (Postmen in the Mountains)
Chen Bolin   (The Continent)
Tong Yao     (The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom)
Tony Yang    (The Crossign)
Seamus (Chen Bolin) is a young man living in an old Taipei neighborhood. One day, a pop singer May (Tong Yao) is announced missing in Taipei, and subsequently appears in Seamus' town. With a voice problem and desperate to hide herself, she seeks help from Seamus, who offers her a place to stay, a job in a local diner, and takes her to a Chinese doctor for treatment. When Seamusfinds himself in love with May, he finds her heart, however, belongs somewhere else. He finally understands: one disappears in order to be found.
Language: Chinese 
Subtitle: Chinese/English 
Running Time: Mins 
No. of disc:
Genre: Romance


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