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Second Time Around (Blu-ray)

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Second Time Around

Director : Jeffrey Lau

Cast : Ekin Cheng, Cecilia Cheung, Jonathan Ke, Annamarie Wood


Ren (Ekin Cheng) takes out his entire savings and persuades his best friend Sing (Jonathan K.) to leave for Vegas with him. They challenge the most well respected dealer in town, and in just one round, Ren's wages is all wiped out. Ren and Sing begin their trip back to LA, but on the way their car mysteriously overturns and crashes, Sing is dead. Ren arrives home wearily to find a message on his answering machine that warns him not to go to Vegas. He decides to go back to Vegas to find out what really happened that killed Sing...


Language : Cantonese / Mandarin

Subtitle : T Chinese / S Chinese / English

Running Time : 99min

No. of disc : 1

Audio Format : Dolby TrueHD 5.1

Screen Format : Full HD 1080 Wide Screen

Genre : Romance


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