Chase our Love (Blu-ray)
  • Chase our Love (Blu-ray)

Chase our Love (Blu-ray)

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Title: Chase our Love (Blu-ray) 
Director: Yang Zi 
Starring: Stephy Tang, Alex Fong, Vonnie Lui 
Year: 2011 
This is a story about three in troverted guys and how they conquer their fears for love. 
Story 1 : ZaiZai is a scholar who comes from a weathly family. He meets a girl called Diana. Then,Diana falls in love with him but to herdismay his expresses his feelings for his first love Ino... 
Story 2 : Diana's best friend Lucy is a fashionably attractive girl. ZaiZai's best friend Nick, falls head over heels for her when they first meet.Diana promises Nick she will help him win her friend's heart... 
Story 3 : Jacky is a man who doesn't like to leave his house. The only thing he likes more than staying at home is the actress Mindy. In the end, Jacky expresses his love for Mindy and wins his sincerity and pure love for her.

Language: Cantonese,Mandarin 
Subtitle: Chinese,English 
Running Time: 89 Mins 
No. of disc:
Audio Format: PCM 2.0 
Screen Format: Full HD 1080 Wide Screen 
Cat No.: PANCB1105070 

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