Robocroc (VCD)
  • Robocroc (VCD)

Robocroc (VCD)

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Arthur Sinclair 
Corin Nemec          (CSI)
Lisa McAllister       (Rush)
Steven Hartley    
Dee Wallace          (E.T.)
When a top-secret unmanned spacecraft disintegrates on re-entry, its mysterious military payload crash-lands in the crocodile habitat of a water park called Adventure Land. Following its pre-programmed instructions, the payload – a next-generation nanotech-based combat drone – finds a host in the form of the park's prize twenty-foot Australian Saltwater crocodile, Stella. It begin to transform Stella from an organic, living creature into a lethal killing machine with only a single directive: Survival! 
The park is evacuated, but a handful of teens are trapped behind – including among them, Chief Zoo Keeper Jim Duffy's estranged son. Duffy and reptile biologist Jane Spencer set out to rescue Duffy's son while the government team and military personnel scramble to stop the rapidly evolving croc but nothing works. After their best efforts fail, the now fully-evolved ROBOCROC escapes the park and rampages further forcing a massive military deployment to stop it. Still following its prime directive: RoboCroc enters the city sewer system. 

Language: English 
Subtitle: Chinese 
Running Time: 85 Mins 
No. of disc:
Genre: Sci-fi

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